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Root #14 Fluffy Eyeshadow Brush Med

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Our custom brushes are handmade in the USA with the softest, silkiest, white vegan bristles.

Our #14 brush is a medium sized fluffy, but primarily flat eyeshadow brush. We love it for blending eyeshadow.

Brush Full Length: 5"
Brush head width at it's widest point laying flat is 15mm
Brush head width at it's widest point turned on it's side is 7mm
Brush head length at it's tallest point is 16mm

To clean your brushes:
1. Rinse under warm water, always keep the brush bristles pointed down
2. Use our Pretty Brush Cleaner & gently massage the bristles in the palm of your hand, rinse thoroughly
3. Gently squeeze the bristles in a towel & dry with bristles pointed down to avoid water collecting in handle & loosening the brush handle

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