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Root Eyeshadow - Galaxy

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Product Details

Our loose Galaxy eyeshadow pigment is a mesmerizing deep eggplant purple with a matte yet shimmery quality. Use wet or dry for a stunning natural eyeshadow or eyeliner.

INGREDIENTS: Mica, Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Carnauba Wax

1.9 grams


  • Dry: Tap eyeshadow into your eyeshadow lid. With finger or eyeshadow brush gently apply eyeshadow to eyelids. Tap any excess eyeshadow powder back into your jar.
  • Wet: Tap eyeshadow into your eyeshadow lid. Dip your finger or eyeshadow brush into water, mix powder and apply to eyelids. Dry eyeshadow lid before closing jar.

SHELF LIFE: For best results, use within 10 years if product contains carnauba wax. If product does not contain carnauba wax, shelf life is unlimited. See ingredient deck above.

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